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RE: Registration and Accreditation

Application for center registration (new & renewal) and course accreditation (new & renewal) will be accepted to the TVEC only through online and necessary payments to be made only to a branch of People’s Bank. Registration and accreditation applications could be accessed visiting the TVEC website www.tvec.gov.lk

Hereafter, manual submissions and payment through cheque or other mode will not be accepted. Online mechanism will facilitate all training providers to lodge their applications efficiently, accurately and thereby staff of training institutes do not required to visit in person to TVEC for registration and accreditation purposes. All institutes will receive their e-certificates for registration, accreditation through email. Future correspondences on registration and accreditation also will be through email and it is strongly advised to have regular checking of mail and visiting TVEC website for new and current information.

A notice of expiry on registration and accreditation will be sent to institutions as an alert message through email.

Malkanthie Jayawardena

Director General

: cc – Chairman, TVEC

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