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    Labour Force The labour force is composed of the economically active population 10 years of age and over  
    The Economically Active Population Is defined as those persons who are/were employed or unemployed during the reference period of the survey.  
    Not in the Labour Force/Not economically active Persons who were neither working not available/looking for work are classified as "not in the labour force". Persons are not in the labour force for such reasons as: full time care of the household, full - time students, retired or old age, infirmed or disabled, or are not interested in working for one reason or another. Current and usual definitions apply.  
    Currently Economically Active A person who was employed or unemployed during the current reference period is considered to be currently economically active.  
    Employed Persons , who during the reference period, worked as paid employees, employers, own account workers (self employed) , or unpaid family workers are said to be employed. This includes persons with a job but not at work during the reference period.  
    Unemployed Persons available and/or looking for work, and who did no work, during the reference period are said to be unemployed.  
    Currently Employed A person who worked for pay, profit, or unpaid family gain for one (1) hour or more during the past week is said to be currently employed.  
    Usually Employed A person whose major economic activity during past 12 months was employment is said to have been usually employed.  
    Currently Unemployed A person who did no work but was looking for work during the last week is said to be currently unemployed.  
    Usually Unemployed A person who was looking or available for work during the major part of the past 12 months is said to have been usually unemployed.  

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