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  NVQ Framework

The NVQ framework provides for persons to acquire certificates through undergoing a formal institutional training as well recognizing competencies acquired through informal non- institutional means as shown in figure below.



Training institutions that have been registered and whose courses have been accredited by the TVEC provide formal institutional training in Sri Lanka. Whereas the informal training is acquired by persons by following means:

  • Workplace experiences
  • Life experiences
  • Self directed study
  • Informal un-certificated learning
  • Formal un-certificated learning
  • Informal undocumented study
  • In-service training
  • Distance education or open learning
  • Community based learning
  • Overseas education, training or experiences

Competencies acquired by means of formal institutional training as well as informal training need to be assessed in relation to the requirements of National Skills Standards to qualify for award under the NVQ framework. The NVQ framework comprised of 7 levels of upward mobility.

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