Accreditation of training courses  

The Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission has established the National Vocational Qualifications Framework of Sri Lanka. National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) are made up of standards developed nationally by industry. The standards specify the competencies of a high performing worker, and are benchmarked internationally. The NVQ framework is very flexible, allowing institutions to develop courses to meet the needs of their students and industry.

Training Institutions wishing to offer courses leading to award of NVQ qualification should be accredited by TVEC. The training institutes which registered with TVEC are eligible to apply for accreditation . Institutions wishing to offer National Diploma courses at NVQ levels 5 and 6 should have an ISO Quality Management System fully installed and certified by the TVEC before applying for course accreditation.

  Applying for Accreditation  

Accreditation applications can be downloaded from TVEC website or can be obtained from TVEC office at ‘Nipunatha Piyasa’, Narahenpita. Since the training course are accredited based on ‘National Vocational Qualification Framework’, National Competency Standard and Competency Based Curricula are prerequisites in applying for accreditation.

The NVQ Level, relevant NVQ Qualification, relevant competency units and other relevant information are available in National Competency Standards

CBT curriculum which consist of curriculum outline, Trainer’s Guides, Trainee’s Guides is required to prepare training plan and other training delivery documents.

  Assessment for Course accreditation  

Accreditation assessment is done base on National Competency Standard. Institutions should prepare the following training delivery documents to prove that it delivers the required competencies specified in the National Competency Standard when apply for accreditation:

  1. Course plan/Year plan for the course noting that the time duration of each module.
  2. Training plan/Scheme of Training for each module with time duration of each task or cluster of tasks (form III/05/19/00).
  3. Lesson plans for every lesson of all modules (form III/05/20/01).
  4. The weekly timetables.
  5. Trainers daily Records/Log book maintained by the instructors;
  6. Trainee Daily Diary/ theory Note Books & practical exercise books
  7. Assessment Criteria covering each task for continuous assessment
  8. Trainee Assessment Records books.
  In addition to the above requirements, following resources are also evaluated  
  1. Availability of Required Training Facilities to conduct the course
  2. Qualification of Training Staff
  3. Adequacy of Training Staff
  4. Adequate Space and Training Environment in Class Rooms & Workshops
  5. Management and Record keeping
  Accreditation Fees  
  • Accreditation fee per course is Rs. 2100.00
  • Renewal of Accreditation fee per course is Rs. 2000.00
  Payments should be done when submitting the application  
  The accreditation certificate will be valid for a maximum of three years subject to satisfactory maintenance of standards within that period. The institution will be regularly audited. Accreditation will be renewed if the audit is satisfactory.

Where the course accreditation is not renewed, the institution should return the expired certificate to TVEC as it is a property of the TVEC.

  Renewal application for accreditation should reach to TVEC before three (03) months from the date of expiry.  
  Download Application Forms  
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Training plan (T1) download download    
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